Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I admit I have really slacked on the blog lately and I fully blame it on facebook! But there are a few things that have happened! Gavin turned 3 and I have figured out the 3 is much worse then 2!! What an spitfire that kid his but he melts my heart with all of his kisses and funny little songs.

Beckam is mobile! He has started to pull himself around the house and is starting to get up on his knees... won't be long now! (I'm not too sure how I feel about this.) He is such a funny boy and has is own unique personality. We have recently discovered that his new bedtime is 7. Is that bad of me to be happy about this?
As for me and Nick... I got a promotion at my job. I am the new office manager. I am also not so sure how I feel about that! This is officially my first week on my own and so far it has been ok. Then again its only Tuesday YIKES!!! Nick is just doing the same old work and more work... he's getting really close to having the basement done. This is a much needed project to get finished! We owe BIG thankyou to his Dad for coming a ton to help Nick get things going!
So here are some pics of Gavins B day and just some random things... hope you enjoy!

So this sis Beckam's new trick... this picture really doesn't do it much justice but he will swing his leg around and do the full splits! So funny!