Monday, April 13, 2009

What is it with the bad weather??

I am sooo tired of the COLD!! If you know me then you know I'm really not a fan of HOT either BUT I just can't take the switch every other day! My poor kids just need a little bit of warm for more then 2 days!!! I am sure my complaining won't do me any good because there is a snow storm on the way as I type this little message. All I have to say is WHATEVER!!!

We did have a good Easter dispite the rain on Saturday. We tried and Easter Egg Hunt which I don't think we will EVER do again!! The kids seemed to have an ok time. Beckam LOVES being outside in the rain though... he just thought we were CRAZY! Our sweet little Beckam!

Speaking of which Beck cut his first tooth today! Maybe this means he'll start being nice ;)!!

Beckam LOVES the tub. If he even hears the water he'll book it to the bathroom to get in. He earned the name Fancy Pants because of his fancy moves in the tub. He'll do what ever he wants whenever he wants!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I admit I have really slacked on the blog lately and I fully blame it on facebook! But there are a few things that have happened! Gavin turned 3 and I have figured out the 3 is much worse then 2!! What an spitfire that kid his but he melts my heart with all of his kisses and funny little songs.

Beckam is mobile! He has started to pull himself around the house and is starting to get up on his knees... won't be long now! (I'm not too sure how I feel about this.) He is such a funny boy and has is own unique personality. We have recently discovered that his new bedtime is 7. Is that bad of me to be happy about this?
As for me and Nick... I got a promotion at my job. I am the new office manager. I am also not so sure how I feel about that! This is officially my first week on my own and so far it has been ok. Then again its only Tuesday YIKES!!! Nick is just doing the same old work and more work... he's getting really close to having the basement done. This is a much needed project to get finished! We owe BIG thankyou to his Dad for coming a ton to help Nick get things going!
So here are some pics of Gavins B day and just some random things... hope you enjoy!

So this sis Beckam's new trick... this picture really doesn't do it much justice but he will swing his leg around and do the full splits! So funny!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So this is what I felt like doing on Friday after I found out that Wicked the musical was SOLD OUT!!! It is only going to be in town from April to May and for some reason I thought I had a chance! Nope not even close!!! WHATEVER!!!

Well other than my depressing news things are going great! The boys are excited for Christmas. We took them to see Santa and Gavin just bawled his eyes out! Beckam however just loved it! That probably won't happen next year! This post is coming to a fast end because Beckam does not think it important to update people about our life!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thankgiving!

Ok so I know I'm a day late but I guess it's considered Thanksgiving weekend huh? We have been busy busy and I haven't had time to really update the blog. Beckam is 5 months now and eats everything in site! He is officially sleeping through the night! I am so excited for that. He still looks very much like a turtle. Some people say I am so mean for saying that but he's a cute turtle! We cleaned out Gavin's room and added in Beckam's crib so they now share a room. Gavin is so excited to have some company. He just loves his baby brother. Gavin is always very helpful with his little brother and we are very grateful for that! Gavin is gettling very excited for Christmas or what he calls "Christmas Town". I think he has watched a little too much Nightmare Before Christmas. He has been running around the house singing, "Making Christmas, Making Christmas, LA LA LA!" He is constantly making me smile. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Better late then never huh?

So I am a little behind just barely posting Halloween pics but Gavin has been sick since Saturday and he is such a GRUMP! I hope that he starts feeling better soon. Anyway, Halloween was a blast. Gavin at first did not want to get into his costume but he eventually didn't want to take it off! He thought it was the coolest thing to get CANDY at every door we went to! Of course Beckam was the cutest turtle ever! They had fun playing with thier cousins and eating enough candy to be up all night long!

Friday, October 10, 2008

From and angel to.... well this!

So today I spent 2 hours cleaning my sweet Gavins room! I swear that kid can destroy anything in just seconds. Well I had him helping me at first and then once he decided throwing the toys was much more fun then keeping them in the organized piles I had them in, I had him go in the other room and watch a movie. I got so involved in cleaning I didn't think anything of the quiet and walked into the family room to get something and found my sweet boy on the couch watching cars with his own bag a doritos! He thought nothing of it! He saw me and said, "Oh hey Mom! Are you cleaning?" I couldn't help but just laugh and grab the camera! So I guess the moral to the story is when you have a two year old never get too involved in what your doing because quiet is almost never good! By the way... Gavin doesn't have something wrong with his eye, just everytime I get out the camera he thinks he has to wink at the camera! I don't know where he got this idea from but it sure is funny!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Having a bad day?

So as I got in my car at 5 am and thought UGH... this totally sucks! I was so tired and work was the last place I wanted to be. I was just in a rotten mood. Then I heard a little voice from the back seat say "MOM!" I turned around and I not going to lie stightly annoyed because he had just dropped his toy which usually is a catastrophy, and Gavin gave me a HUGE smile then he just starting singing, "ITS THE BEST DAY EVER!" (If any of you have seen Sponge Bob Square Pants then you might now where he got that!) My sour mood instantly turned! Thank goodness for little boys! I LOVE MY GAVIN!