Monday, April 13, 2009

What is it with the bad weather??

I am sooo tired of the COLD!! If you know me then you know I'm really not a fan of HOT either BUT I just can't take the switch every other day! My poor kids just need a little bit of warm for more then 2 days!!! I am sure my complaining won't do me any good because there is a snow storm on the way as I type this little message. All I have to say is WHATEVER!!!

We did have a good Easter dispite the rain on Saturday. We tried and Easter Egg Hunt which I don't think we will EVER do again!! The kids seemed to have an ok time. Beckam LOVES being outside in the rain though... he just thought we were CRAZY! Our sweet little Beckam!

Speaking of which Beck cut his first tooth today! Maybe this means he'll start being nice ;)!!

Beckam LOVES the tub. If he even hears the water he'll book it to the bathroom to get in. He earned the name Fancy Pants because of his fancy moves in the tub. He'll do what ever he wants whenever he wants!!


Amy said...

I am totally with you about the weather! I've just learned when its crappy I close the blinds and lock myself in the house. We actually had a pretty nice Easter day and sunshine is on the way!!!