Sunday, August 31, 2008

Handsome boys!

I just took some cute pictures of the boys. I asked Nick the other day if he could believe how blessed we are to have two of the most handsome boys. I am just so greatful that we have such a wonderful little family. Even though having a terrible 2 and a 2 month old who thinks its more fun to just be awake then to ever sleep at night is sometimes so hard I want to pull my hair out, I still feel incredibly blessed. They are growing way to fast!

Gavin is talking up a storm. The other day he was mad at me (as he usually because I am not Dad) and I turned around to say something to him and he responded, "No mom I can't see you!" Which probably ment GO AWAY but in his own little Gavin way.

Beckam has started to smile! He 11 lbs now are really starting to get chunky! He has such a funny little personality and I can tell I am going to be in for it... he wants what he wants when he wants it! Hmmmm I wonder where he learned that from.... his DAD maybe?

Nick just got back from his yearly trip for work to Amarillo, Texas where he was able to be intertained by Trapt, Natasha Bedingfield, Brian McNight, Lean Womack and apperantly Kevin Costner has a band. He had fun but is very glad to be home and so are we! Life gets way to crazy with him gone!

We are excited that the HOT summer is almost gone and fall is around the corner... the joys of living in Utah! We also just got a new car which I am just thrilled about! We had to get smaller car with the HIGH gas prices... another joy of living in Utah??? I'll post a picture as soon as
I get one. Until then you'll just have to look at my handsome boys!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blessing pics

Here are a few pics... my computer is still being a little slow so sorry they aren't very good!

My beautiful Mom. She has been SO helpful! I don't know what I would do without her!

The handsome big brother!

CHEESE.... whats not to love!!

Beckams handsome blessing outfit!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Beckam's Blessing

We blessed Beckam on Sunday. I love baby blessings. I am so greatful that we have been blessed with this new baby boy! Beckam is a perfect addition to our little family! I can't even believe 6 weeks has gone by so fast! It's just not fair! I went back to work today which was bitter sweet. I feel a little guilty saying it but it was nice to have a little break, mostly because Gavin has become somewhat of a menace, (those of you who know about the fish food story know what I mean- oh and the water outside of the tub... you can only guess!) but I am sure I won't think about that for long! I missed both of my boys SO much today. It won't be long before Beckam is running around the house with his menace of a brother but I couldn't ask for more beautiful loving boys!

The other news is that Beckam slept for 7 hours last night! I didn't think that it would ever happen. What a handsome boy!

(my computer is having some issues so I will post pics later!)